FANgineer FAQs:


What is Tennessee Athletics Hospitality?
  • Tennessee Athletics Hospitality (TAH) is part of the Colonnade Group, a sports production/event management company based in Birmingham, Alabama. Our office is contracted by Tennessee Athletics to manage the premium seating and hospitality areas on campus. 
Where are you located?
  • Our office is located inside Thompson-Boling Arena, Room 209.
How does the process work?
  • You will need to submit an application, that can be found below. We will then hold interviews for selected applicants. We will need approximately 50 FANgineers for our football game day operations. As football season ends, we will select our top FANgineers to work the basketball, and baseball seasons with us.
When would I work?
  • Our FANgineers are required to work all Tennessee home football games. While there are opportunities for additional hours, FANgineers are only required to work on game days. You will be required to work all 7 home games that we have this season. Please review the following dates, as they are mandatory work days. *Failure to show up to a game will result in the termination of your position.
    • September 5, 2020 vs Charlotte
    • September 19, 2020 vs Furman
    • September 26, 2020 vs Florida
    • October 3, 2020 vs Missouri
    • October 24, 2020 vs Alabama
    • November 7, 2020 vs Kentucky
    • November 21, 2020 vs Troy
How many hours would I work on game day?
  • This varies from game to game, but you can generally plan to work 8 hours each game. FANgineers are required to arrive at the stadium roughly 3 to 3 ½ hours prior to kickoff and will be dismissed roughly 45 minutes after the game ends. 
How much would I be paid?
  • The pay rate is $8.00 per hour.
Would I get to watch the game?
  • No. Please understand that this position is not an opportunity to watch the game. FANgineer responsibilities require a high level of service and attentiveness. A dedicated and focused staff is essential to the success of the suites, club levels and hospitality areas. Furthermore, the guests notice and appreciate the hard work of the FANgineers and rewarding relationships can be built not just with peers, but also with the guests.
Do I get a break during the game?
  • Of course! Everyone receives a paid 30 minute break, which includes a meal.
So, what are the job positions/duties?
  • As with any team, there are several positions to be filled. All of our positions are critical for a successful operation of our program. All positions have a few different responsibilities and you will rotate throughout all of these during a game day.
Please review the following position details:
  • Welcome Team: Stationed at the stadium gate entrances, you will greet guests as they enter the premium areas, help security validate their tickets, and wristband each guest with the correct wristband for their space. This position holds the first interaction with all of our guests and we expect our team members to be personable and friendly. 
  • Elevator Attendant: For security purposes, we have FANgineers stationed on the elevators to escort our guests to their correct seating locations. All of our locations are very exclusive so it is vital to ensure all guests are on their correct floor. We expect our team members in this position to display a welcoming and friendly attitude while escorting our guests to their levels. You never know who will hop on the elevator with you so be sure to have your elevator speech ready! 
  • Floaters: This position will help monitor and maintain the appearance of all our premium areas. That will include walking throughout our locations, answering guest questions, assisting other team members or directors with tasks, helping the catering staff buss tables, throw trash away, etc. 
  • Hosts: Centrally located throughout our premium areas, this position helps direct guests to their suites or seats, and help answer their questions. This position holds the first interaction with our guests when they arrive to their floor and we expect our team members in this position to be helpful, attentive, approachable, and friendly.
Do I get to pick which position I’d like to fill?
  • Our hiring director decides the placement of each team member to ensure everyone is placed in a position that highlights his/her strengths. 


I’m interested! What do I do now?
  • Great! Please click the application button below and fill out the application on the page. Our hiring director will review your application and be in touch with you.


If you have any questions regarding our FANgineer program, please contact Courtney Kelley at [email protected]